Thursday, February 10, 2005


We have been told of an urgent message that has gone out from Defra's South West headquarters warning veterinary surgeons to:

"Make judicious use of tuberculin testing phials" as the product was " in very short supply".

How a vet could make an 'un-judicious' use of this product through his calibrated injector, Defra do not make clear - unless he was jabbing the farm cats and the farmer as well. Herds which come under Tb restriction will have to undergo 6 tests annually instead of just 1 or in some cases half or a third of 1 if they were in 2 or 3 year testing regimes.

Has 'someone' forgotten to order the tuberculin, or to tell its manufacturers that Defra predicts a 20 percent increase in cattle reactors, and therefore a 20 percent increase in herds undergoing 6 tests a year - which on just one farm can equate to 1000 extra doses annually.....?

Why are we not surprised?

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