Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Talking Shop

The 4th International Conference to discuss mycobacterium bovis was held at Dublin Castle, Dublin 22 - 26th August.

Delegates from all over the world met to attend lectures and workshops. From the UK, our own Debbie Reynolds would have been able to tell attendees how Defra was not tackling the problem in the wildlife, and could remind them of the exponential growth of bTB problems they could expect, should other countries decide on such a one sided policy of only cattle slaughter.

VLA was represented, as was the State Veterinary Service. But conspicuous by their absence ( so we are told) were any members of the Independent Scientific Group (ISG). From their lofty perch as Tb supremos, shields and arch protectors of the Minister of Fisheries and Conservation - and having decided cattle are the problem, the whole problem and the only problem - one may assume they felt the whole debate was beneath them.

No papers have been published from this conference yet, but workshop details and lecturers involved can be viewed at:


George said...

This kind of event is very useful in not only spreading the most recent information, but in stimulating discussion on the subject generally. Lets hope some of the discussion gets to those who could benefit from it.

Matthew said...

John Bourne and the ISG?