Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Keeping them out of mischief...

We have mentioned many times on this blog, the sneaky - and we have to say very successful -ways government has prevaricated over the issue of bovine Tb.

The prime aim has been to massage individual industry egos, and then send them off to 'help' the minister to come to a decision. And they've done it. The NBA (National Beef Association), the TFA (Tenant Farmers Association) and now the CLA (Country Landowners Association) have all spent hours producing Tb strategies for our Ben. The NFU (National Farmers Union) had started to herd the cats together, under an 'Industry' banner, but like cats do - they scattered when the NFU logo took precedence over any other ego (sorry, title) .

Launched at the Dairy Event September 21st, the CLA document is comprehensive and detailed. We confidently expect the minister's minions to be combing through it with a fine tooth comb, to find the gaps between this and the others, thus ensuring that Mr. Bradshaw proceeds in his 'non-policy' with all the speed of an arthritic slug.

From Mark Hudson, Chairman of the CLA:

" Let us not forget that this is a battle against disease, not a vendetta against a single species. Control and eventual elimination of bovine Tb is essential for animal and human health. Our strategy is not an a la carte menu where preferable items can be chosen and the less palatable ones ignored ......"

We wouldn't bet on it.....

The paper can be viewed on

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