Monday, November 28, 2005

Defra Excels

Latest Tb statistics figures posted on the Defra website show a 9 per cent increase in herds under restriction in GB. But cattle slaughtered (John Bourne is still guarding the badger results) show a 35 percent - yes you did read that correctly - 35 percent rise in the 9 months to September30th. in Great Britain.

In the same period 2004, Defra disposed of 16,986 animals as either Reactors to the skin test, Inconclusive Reactors or Direct Contacts (usually calves from reactor suckler cows) .
But this year in the nine months to September they excelled themselves, killing almost as many as in 12 months just a year ago.

To Sept. 2005, 22,941 cattle were slaughtered. An increase of almost 6000 head.

More on the somewhat inappropriately named weblink 'Animal Health'.

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