Sunday, May 27, 2007

Half a Job

In a blistering attack on the 'one sided and ineffective' non-policy currently operating in the UK on bovine Tb, a frustrated Government vet has spoken out.

Reported this week in an exclusive FARMERS GUARDIAN article, the vet described colleagues as frustrated by lack of any policy to tackle infection in wildlife.

"Of course badger culling can work. The badger lobby are absolutely crackers to say it won't. A week ago, they were saying it hadn't worked in Ireland. (A drop of 46 per cent? it certainly has - ed) - well it clearly has."

The key to successful clearance of Tb from the badger population, the vet said, was to implement a 'comprehensive cull' of infected setts, over selected areas that ensures that infection is virtually removed from the badger population. It is important to ensure that the empty setts are cleared of M.bovis infection so any incoming badgers stay clean, they added.

Full article on the link above.

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