Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Welsh announce a badger cull

As English farmers are being invited to diversify into wild animal veterinary practice, and vaccinate badgers endemically infected with tuberculosis, with a vaccine for, errr, tuberculosis, the Wesh Assembly has announced a cull of infected badgers.

Last year the Minister announced her intention to implement a comprehensive, practical and proportionate programme of action in order to tackle the disease. Since that statement, the number of cattle slaughtered due to TB has continued to increase. In 2008 over 12,000 cattle were slaughtered in Wales: 52 per cent more than in 2007, with associated rises in costs. The Welsh Assembly Government believes that this acceleration in incidence is unacceptable and unsustainable.

Speaking at the National Assembly for Wales the Rural Affairs Minister, Elin Jones said,
“There have been attempts over many years to control this disease and they have failed. Each member state is however obliged under an EU Directive to develop an eradication programme in order to “accelerate, intensify or carry through” the eradication of the disease.
After describing a programme to test every herd in Wales and its progress, she continued:
“There is no point, however, tackling one source of infection only to ignore another. This only allows the infection to return. I want to see a Welsh livestock and Welsh wildlife co-existing in a disease free environment.”
Don't we all?

The cull area described by the Welsh Assembly, is likely to be in the Pembroke area, which has already seen cattle carnage on a vast scale, after years of a steady, pernicious and expenisive drip feed of recycled 'environmental' infection.

As the minister says,
" There is no point in tackling one source of infection, only to ignore the other."


Anonymous said...

Just a little grump, no a bl---y big one, to let you know that if we as farmers are now to help vacinate these 'orrible' critters without any thought to them being a very nasty aggesive wild animal,---- that defra lot, Benn and the badger lovers had better get down to the farms and bl---y well take on the job! As heres one farmer who will not even think about touching them, and why the hell should we! Best to let these clever s-ds who think up these half witted ideas show us how its done. We are not vets,we do have a job its called farming and feeding the peaple, if we are expected to put our time now to wild life farming,(none productive) we shall want paying just like every one else! Why should we put our time to these flea ridden creatures when we have enough work load as it is.
So we expect some of these badger lovers to come out of the woodwork and actually help! Yea, and pigs are a flying!!!!!,---just like most of the crap that comes from the governmen and these so called animal lovers,drivel and none workable. Animal lovers, no way, just people with to much time on their hands!! and no logic just like the bankers!! If you put a W in front we get nearer the truth to the brainless ideas spouting forth !!

Matthew said...

Anon 6.34. Blondi.

What? You're not volunteering? That's not very public spirited of you. They'll be trussed up in a cage. Stressed out and snarly, but you don't have to catch 'em. and those nice chaps and chapesses in Defra will tell you that given a hundredweight of peanuts (they don't have to be organic, either) stripeys large and small will follow you - anywhere. They know this from Badger Heaven, aka CSL, Woodchester Park, where the fragrant Dr. Cheeseman acts as waiter.

And not only is Defra planning that farmers should line up and learn how to vaccinate badgers endemically infected with tuberculosis, they must also devise a way of marking the jabbed ones so they don't get multiple doses. Tattoos anyone?

HoHoHo. Anyone checked the Bern Convention recently?

Anonymous said...

Yep, well I can tell you now there will be more than vacination in MY needle, oooops, got that one in the vein, oh dear, looks like plenty of air in the syringe, and bobs yer uncle.
Be like the wolves,bears, beavers, and other ex native 'hasbeans',all gone.Cant prove a thing.Didnt do it deliberatly, just awfull at the job, just like the wbankers!