Thursday, May 14, 2009

Badgers v. Farmers

Describing the overspill of badgerTB into other species including domestic pets, infection passed between people and their pets, the balance of payments deficit and the piling of ever more cattle into the "maw of the government's bTB killing machine", Charlie Brooks in today's Telegraph comments:
The whole situation is utterly depressing for farmers who want to produce food when they get out of bed in the morning, not fill in compensation forms for destroying their livestock. I came across one passionate farmer recently whose family had been in the business for five generations. He is thinking of giving up, because he can't bear the thought of breeding quality pedigree dairy cows simply to feed them into the maw of the Government's bTB killing machine. The future for him and many others is bleak. Official figures show that 4,443 cattle had to be slaughtered in January this year, a rise of almost a third from the same time in 2008. Who knows where we will be next year

The piece is a good thumbnail of the situation across the board, also describing the fate of the poor old badgers in this unholy mess - a consequence definitely not wanted in public view, by 'in denial' Badger Trust supporters..
Though it appears to panic the public far less than swine flu, bTB is not a disease to be taken lightly. Badgers that succumb to it suffer horrific symptoms, including internal lesions, before dying in an emaciated state.

Farmers who are desperately trying to cope with the situation could be forgiven for hoping that badgers will migrate into urban areas and infect a few more cuddly dogs and cats. Only then will any politician really attack this problem with gusto.

They are (migrating)and are being actively encouraged into urban gardens, childrens' sandpits and play areas. But politicians have their single collective brain cell on other trivia things at the moment. Joining the dots on the spread of infectious disease, is quite beyond most.

"Only a cull will save cattle producers" argues Charlie Brooks. "The badgers must go before the farmers do."


viewfromtheotherside said...

Yet again another good peice about Badger TB. When all this crapof MP's expenses is out of the press we need to make a concerted effort to get the suffering of the badgers to a wider audience.

Matthew said...

We agree. But navel gazing in the Westminister 'village', comes with the territory. Their day 'job' consists of rubber stamping European Directives, usually with a bundle of gift wrap for GB businesses, to justify.