Thursday, October 07, 2010

Good timing

Just as the Con-Dem coalition launch their 'consultation' document on possible ways out of the mire of their own making - bTB , further mileage is provided by farmers co-operative Mole Valley Farmers, who have sponsered distribution of Chris Chapman's beautifully made, sensitive film about bTB.

We spoke of this almost a year ago. In the October edition of Mole Valley's magazine a download of the film is available. Or a telephone contact number for a free copy of the DVD. This is available both to members or non members of the co operative.

Contact Vicky Hosegood on 01769 576433


Jim said...

A very good film, as you say, and made by someone with no axe to grind who set out to present the facts about bovine TB. It would be nice to think that the Badger Trust and RSPCA might take the trouble to watch it....

Artsdeco said...
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Matthew said...

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Jim. Yes we agree, but unfortunately for the poor old badger, this crazy polemic has created many beneficiaries.

Anonymous said...

The film mentions that in the early 20th century overcrowding and poor nutrition were a key driver in the spread of TB in the human population while a veterinary paper on the Defra website says that badger density is an important factor in the spread of this disease from badgers to cattle. Therefore should we be looking at oral contraception for badgers once the disease has been brought under control.

Matthew said...

Anon 8.08.
If we remember correctly, oral contraception was used in the fight against rabid foxes in mainland Europe. It certainly would help populations of smaller mammals, amphibians and ground nesting birds.
It is our understanding the the Badger Trust are against the idea. They are also of the opinion that badger numbers are levelled by available food supply. However, this assertion ignores the badger's omnivorous ability to avail itself of any food source, including the main arable crops grown. (Corn, maize, bet carrots etc.)

Anonymous said...

Just as was shown for humans with TB in the film, perhaps we should have sanatoriums for overstressed, overworked cattle.

Matthew said...

Anon 1.57 said:

"perhaps we should have sanatoriums for overstressed, overworked cattle."

Google 'Shambo',or 'Fern' or 'Swampy' - or the names of other companion cattle in small herds who have been slaughtered as reactors to badgerTB.
How many sanitoria would you recommend for the alpacas, llamas, sheep, goats, outdoor pigs and of course for the badgers themselves?