Friday, September 09, 2011

Cull management plan

After a pep talk to the troops in Exeter this week, NFU leader Peter Kendall was in 'head teacher' mode - we're told.

"It's the only game in town"
"Get on with it"
"Only chance in a generation"

You get the picture ?

But when challenged Mr. Kendall said no, he had not read Natural England's proposals.

We published these in this posting.
(Click the underlined title for a link to the post)

Unlike the NFU president, if any farmer wants to understand the commitment being asked for, and if you read nothing else from the Natural England library on 'how we don't want to cull badgers' then have a look at their costings in Annex C.

The bio security obligations intended to form part of the package, but are said to be 'not stand alone' are in in Annex D. and Annex E.

A working draft of the NE Management Agreement in Annex F.

How to shoot a badger (with illustrations -above) in Annex G.

And how to prevent impact on non-participants in
Annex H

The farming organisations who are invited to answer the consultation on these proposals have until September 20th to respond on their members' behalf.

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