Monday, August 12, 2013

The computer doesn't lie.

That is a an phrase used by many to defend reports, discussions, research projects or practically anything really. But is that true?

Regular readers will have noticed that courtesy of Pete, the blog fairy, we've had a face lift giving us a new sleeker look. And a side bar with the most popular posts, or most read, or something like that.

But are they? Only our editors have access to the blogger Dashboard, but guess what?
The computer has lied.

There are half a dozen posts which deserve more prominence than the one describing Brian May swinging a badger around his bushy head.

 That of course is not the airbrushed PR stunner used to advertise Team Badger, but ours is more realistic we think.

We don't believe that one post on that right hand side bar has had 27,856 views either - but we digress.

Below are a few more 'popular posts' which on Blogger count page views should have appeared, but by some strange mathematical fluke by His Lordship Blogger, do not.

 Following Dr. May's wildly inaccurate statements in defence of zoonotic tuberculosis badgers, this post from 2010 attempts to put the record straight on GB's pathetic history of non policies for dealing with zoonotic tuberculosis.

We used a chart of cattle slaughtered, overlaid with different non-strategies and prevarications to illustrate the dramatic increase in deaths, following the various clamp downs on badger control over three decades.

Another post, which on the Blogger computer's list of page views, merited a mention was A Vet's view of the Badger Dispersal Trial RBCT. We posted this one in 2006.

And this posting  was not the first time that the Badger Trust's verbal gymnastics had attracted our attention in our story about TB incidence on the Isle of Man.

And now something which really irritates every cattle farmer with his cattle firmly nailed to the floor, testing every 60 days and shooting many. This posting describes the utter craziness of the imbalance between badger and cattle controls in this country.

We called it  'Relocation'. And unfortunately, animal sanctuaries are still moving badgers around the country, despite even tougher rules on cattle movements. Many sanctuary owners are  never seen without an armful of baby badgers. All seeking new homes, having been 'rescued'.
Want one? Anyone can apply. From any location.


Finally the architect of many of our current mathematically modeled problems, bowing to his computer which never lies of course; the arch wizard of the culling trial is in full voice. Professor John Bourne speaking to the Efra Committee..

Read his statements - so many time misquoted - and weep.

And remember, the computer never lies. 

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