Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Predictable, inevitable and avoidable.

Norway is said to have been TB free in its cattle since 1963.

 The last confirmed case of 'bovine' tuberculosis was in 1986, when the disease was found in a dog.

 That is until now, when Internet site The Cattle Site -[link] report an outbreak thought to originate in alpacas imported from England.

"A shipment of British Alpacas is behind a rise in bovine tuberculosis in Norway.

Bovine tuberculosis (TB) has been spreading through Norwegian alpaca herds following the arrival of 28 Alpacas from southern England, the Norwegian Veterinary Institute has announced.

Twelve Alpaca herds are now infected with bovine TB after the batch reached Norway in the autumn.

Prior to this, Norway had been TB-free since 1986."
The Norwegian Veterinary Institute reported the 'problem' on 22nd May - [link] with added information that the animals were being subject to further serological testing after failing skin tests. Direct translation thus:

In a importisolat for alpaca in Eastern Norway is suspected of storfetuberkulose. There are positive reactions on skin test (intrakutantest) as well as complementary serological tests on several animals that are the background for suspicion.

28 Animals were imported to the appropriate isolatet from Southern England in autumn 2013.

In England is a comprehensive tuberkuloseepidemi on herds.

In addition is detected at the dozens of nysmittede alpakkabesetninger annually.

It has not been demonstrated storfetuberkulose in Norway since 1986.

This translation implies that this consignment of British alpacas at least, is held in quarantine after positive skin tests and pending further serological testing. The comment also points out that England has a comprehrensive 'tuberculosis epidemic' and detects dozens of infected alpaca herds annually.

Norway has been officially TB free since 1986. More on this, as and when we receive it.

And we won't say "we told you so".

Yes we will.

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