Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Strange bedfellows

We hear on Instagram that yesterday a high level meeting took place at DEFRA headquarters - link (pic above) to discuss zoonotic Tuberculosis and the UK plan to eradicate it. Attendees included the great and the good from the NFU, Secretary of State Michael Gove several 'ologists of various hues and...

 a superannuated, guitar playing star-gazer. Dr. Brian May


Now, as we are 5 years in to a 25 year eradication plan, which involves farmers coughing up cash to mop up two decades of Defra's negligence in tackling the disease in wildlife, one would have thought there would not be too much to discuss. Especially as the NFU are circulating the screen shots which we aired in this posting - [link] to illustrate the size of the historic problem in herds, compared with new outbreaks post badger cull.

 But we could be wrong. Or maybe Gove is just starstruck - link.

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