Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Taking the piss

Just when you thought we might get some action, wadda we get? Another strategic framework, 69 pages (including the covers) of unadulterated bilge that all adds up to a big fat zero.

Do not be fooled by the press release though, which is headlined: "Defra publishes new strategic framework for tackling bovine TB". What they actually mean is Defra has published a new strategic framework for not tackling bovine TB.

For want of action, we get "a set of ground rules" which are "designed to improve control of the disease over the next ten years", we get "new commitments" outlines, responsibilities "defined". And you will all be delighted to learn that this "signals the development of a stronger regional approach."

Count Dracula has obviously been hard at work as this new, improved, whiter than white framework strategy has been developed in full "consultation with stakeholders”, and we even have a “core stakeholder group”.

Ben "Rear Admiral" Bradshaw also tells us that there is: "no quick solution to the problem of bovine TB." He is certainly right there, if the government insists on doing nothing about it.

Never mind, as long as we have a "framework strategy", some stakeholders and - yes, you’ve guessed it – a "partnership" with farmers, vets and wildlife groups, then that will be enough to get NuLab past the next election without having to do anything.

Actually, I do Defra an injustice. As well as “ground rules” they have a “vision” which sets out "twelve strategic goals". Stand up number three and take your round of applause. And goal number three is: "to have a transparent process for making decisions on whether badger culling may form part of future policy...".

This may be a family Blog but what Defra are doing can only be described in one way: they are taking the piss.


Matthew said...

And you thought the farmers writing as 'Matthew' were hard bitten cynics??

Anonymous said...

Your homophobic comments about Ben Bradshaw are a disgrace - you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Thank god that hardly anyone reads this blog (judging by the number of replies to posts). I stumbled accross this site - I won't be coming back ! If this is the best the farming lobby can come up with you are in a far bigger mess than I thought you were.

Daisy the Cow said...

"won't be coming back..."

Bet you do - to see if anyone answers you!
No sense of humour though. Sad.

This man was responsible for 22,000 of my herdmates' deaths last year, so what would you like me call him?
He's even dropped the words 'Agiculture' and 'Farming' from his job title - and as he's now Minister of Fisheries, 'Rear Admiral Bradshaw' seemed appropriate - what's your problem?

Richard said...

Eye of the beholder... it's the fishermen who started calling him "Rear Admiral" - an ironic title but highly appropriate for a fisheries minister. What would you prefer him to be called: "cow killer?"

Matthew said...

So we should be "ashamed" of making 'homophobic comments' about our Ben, should we?

This site has informed readers of the cost to the taxpayers of his policies and the impact on the farming industry of them.

We've covered the spill over into domestic pets and other wild life of a grade B1 zoonotic pathogen which he confirms is endemic in badgers, but declines to do anything about - even and especially to protect that host species.

There's no accounting for tastes - or priorities.

Anonymous said...

If these two so called persons that have taken 'hand in their asses' attitude at criticism of the useless, nasty, Ben Bradshaw then dont read this site! Both of them need to get a life, get off the dole,and get a job in the real world!! Also, if they took time to understand WHY most of the real country dwellers do know what they are talking about. Perhaps these two 'poo shuvlers of the human race'would start to see what these incompedent ministers have done to ours and their country side! answer that if you can anonymous Bradshaw lovers.