Sunday, March 13, 2005

"Well done - Partner"

At a time when the badger population is at saturation point with endemic tuberculosis causing suffering and a lingering death to many, and a spill over from which has condemned hundreds of thousands of cattle to a premature end, Defra has backed an award for the NFBG.

At a ceremony attended by Eliot Morley, the NFBG received the Defra backed 'Partner of the Year' award for its work against the odious pastime known as 'badger baiting'.

The timing of this 'award', as tuberculosis in the cattle herds reaches an all time high and 350 vets (even those relying on Defra's LVI licenses ) have signed a letter voicing their concern into the Minister of State's handling of the situation is a vivid reminder - if farmers needed one - as to where Defra's loyalties lie.

Shadow Minister Owen Paterson MP, declared he was 'flabbergasted'.
He continued "You cannot let one species, a dominant predator like the badger take over like this. Wildlife needs to be 'managed'. To leave things as they are would incredibly cruel to badgers. While we slaughter cattle with bovine Tb, badgers are suffering as the disease is allowed to run its course".

The National Farmers Union took a similar view, and while commending the NFBG for its work against badger baiters felt the announcement of the 'award' and the involvement by Defra was 'badly timed".

Having cleared his farm of sick and suffering badgers, and kept the area Tb free for 5 years, farmer Bryan Hill is less diplomatic. "Defra backing awards like this when we have a major problem all over the country is the most stupid thing I've ever heard." he said, "If nothing is done to tackle this disease, then it will become a disaster".

We have posted comments and research on this site from Wildlife Trust members who back 'management', and control of dominant predator species for the benefit of less high profile members of the ecology. We have logged the damage and disease caused by a population at saturation point of badgers with endemic tuberculosis, who have learned to their cost the benefit of total protection under the law. Far from 'protecting' them, the misguided, highly vocal anthropomorphism which elevated these beautiful animals to 'cult' status in the first place, has by its very success, now condemned them to a slow, lingering death.

As tuberculosis in the UK cattle herds reaches nearly 6 percent of the national herd, and the cost to the taxpayer is predicted as £2 billion over the next ten years (surely a couple of 'schoolsandhospitals' at least) with impeccable timing, Defra has shown a cavalier disregard and utter contempt for the industry it pretends to represent.

Thanks 'Partner' - Why are we not surprised?



Elaine King or Elaine Page? both sing someone elses tune

Matthew said...

Good one. Both will do.

The King's paid the Piper, and is calling the tune.

But anyone scrolling through this site must be shaking their head in disbelief - so "Don't Cry for Me" is quite apt really.

cornwallbadgers said...

Matthew states: "As tuberculosis in the UK cattle herds reaches nearly 6 percent of the national herd, "

How do you work this out?

What you mean is 6% of herds I think

23,000 cattle slaughtered in 2004 due to bTB. I think you'll find that is slightly less than half of one percent of cattle tested that year. Of course this is an even smaller proportion of the total national herd.

To get anywhere winning your argument you need to get the facts both clear and accurate I think. This should be easier for you than me as I'm not a farmer!

I wonder if your mate 'dickforth' has a problem with all scientists, or just females?

Matthew said...

6 percent. Herds under restriction as a percentage of the herds registered as 'cattle holdings' with SVS Vetnet. As some are multi - holdings, and some no longer have cattle the actual figure of 'active cattle holdings' from BCMS is smaller, so percentage is higher.

The worst in world.