Friday, March 10, 2006

'Fern' to join an increasing heap of dead cattle..

After a second test, Sheilagh Kremers' young Dexter calf Mous'l Fern proved positive for exposure to m.bovis and next week this bouncy young animal will take his final journey - to slaughter. Mrs. Kremers has reluctantly and very sadly agreed that Fern be slaughtered. She told the BBC that this test had been carried out in accordance with prescribed protocol, and that she had no choice but to let Fern go now. With any humanity, Mrs. Kremers will not have to witness the deed, as did our commentator Andrew from West Wales. (see comment below the story of a closed herd in the Principality)

Mrs. Kremers now faces the 'Russian roulette' of 60 day testing her other cattle - all eleven of them. All have names, all are 'cherished' and any one of them may meet the same fate as Fern.

But young Fern is is good company. One of this site's contributers, our SW 'mole' has had reactors this week and will lose two cows. It was back in 1999 that the last purchased animal joined his herd which is on at least annual testing. In fact a couple of times, 'problems' on neighbouring farms meant that our Matthew had to test every 6 months. So all clear for 7 years, and then two reactors. Where did that come from?

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