Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Tb Sorted - Grow a Hedge.

"Hedges keep cattle away from badgers - which carry Tb."

Research costing £12,000 and (partially) completed - but not concluded - by Dr. Fiona Williams has discovered a correlation between hedges and the presence of bTb in cattle herds - maybe.

Sorted then? We are not informed whether hawthorn, hornbeam and beech or surburban box, privet or leylandii is the preferred barrier. Neither is it is explained just why a hedge, in whose bowels badgers may create their setts, should be a barrier at all to their foraging in its adjacent pastures.

The first rule of any research project is to fail to reach a substansive conclusion.
The second is to request more money to achieve this.
And the third is to disguise or deny the first two, and on that Dr. Fiona Williams has failed dismally. For more on this story see here:

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