Friday, April 10, 2009

"Bovine TB - A Way forward."

We have spoken many times of our distress, seeing the effect of endemic tuberculosis on the badger population. A professional photographer, has also seen on his own doorstep that effect and is making a film of it.

Devon photographer, Chris Chapman whose work in 2001 so successfully highlighted the tragedy of foot and mouth, is working on a film about the present bovine TB crisis. £3000 has been already raised towards a target of £12000 - and he has begun filming. He writes,
"We are in a TB hotspot here on the edge of Dartmoor and not far from my house is a huge old badger sett which we know has very sick animals...It seems utter madness to me that this can be allowed to continue - no decent farmer would let his animals suffer in this way and yet we have legislation in place that prolongs suffering in wildlife. ...
We have good vets on board willing to speak, and a retired bacteriologist who will speak about vaccination (without being gagged!).."

From the press release:
"Bovine TB - A Way Forward will highlight the current anomaly whereby vets and farmers, under present legislation, are unable to take control of the crisis. The film will cover as many viewpoints, suggestions and arguments as is possible and will offer a positive way forward for both farmers and the public to understand the interaction between cattle and badgers and the need to identify and accommodate healthy 'green' badgers..
.... I've never been a political animal with my camera, but I do believe in highlighting the issues from the grass roots, especially when the people on the ground offer sensible solutions to a problem.
Bovine TB - A Way Forward is a not for profit film and is being made with the help of sponsorship from business, the farming industry and private individuals. Its target for the complete production will exceed £12000 and to date over £3000 has been raised..."

If you would like to contribute, and are interested in further details, please contact Chris Chapman direct on 01647 231508 or by email: for an information pack.
Chris would be grateful to receive contributions - however small - from anyone with an interest in what he is doing.

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