Wednesday, October 18, 2017

RSPCA and the cull

From The Times - link] this morning: (The Times is paywall protected)

 "The RSPCA has softened its stance on badger culling by dropping a promise to publicly shame or investigate farmers who take part.
After years of threatening farmers with public disgrace and expulsion from its animal welfare schemes, it said it had accepted advice from “external auditors” that culling badgers was not an “automatic breach” of its ethical farming rules.

The audit was launched last year by its former chief executive, Jeremy Cooper. His predecessor, Gavin Grant, had threatened to “name and shame” farmers involved in the cull and said people would boycott milk “from farms soaked in badgers’ blood”.

 That's big of them isn't it?

 A previous headline could have been 'RSPCA promotes zoonotic Tuberculosis throughout it supplying farms'.

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