Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Di Summers - Update.

In a follow up to our recent posting about Dianne Summers who has herself contracted pulmonary TB, (confirmed as m.bovis), Di has put an update about her progress on this link. At present Dianne is once again in hospital. We note from her update, written on 27th. April, that moving with all the urgency of a sloth on Valium, HPA have yet to get in touch with any of Dianne's recent contacts.

Several cattle farmers have mentioned Di's illness to us and all have sent best wishes to her.

EDIT: 5/05/12 Di has sent a message that she spent all of last week in hospital again. She is struggling to feel anything like 'normal' and is not taking this cocktail of drugs very well at all. We understand that on certain systems, MAC being one, the link to Di's own story is not working. If not, please go to and click the tab 'News'.

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