Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mayday at Heolfawr Cross - short film.

It's May 1st 2012 and on Dai Bevan's farm in Carmarthenshire the future for his herd of pedigree Longhorn Cattle looks bleak. Bovine TB has struck. Many will have watched Adam Henson's visit to the farm just before the cull on the Sunday evening 13th May edition of Countryfile.

English Longhorns are one of, if not the oldest breed of cattle in the UK. Developed and improved by Robert Bakewell in the 1750s, they are now nurtured by specialist breeders the world over.

The following film, made by Dartmoor's Chris Chapman shows more of Dai Bevan's story.

Most of his beautiful herd of Longhorn cattle are now dead.

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