Monday, June 24, 2013

RSPCA - A Charity?

Going with that title, 'Charity' comes a responsibility not to pedal untruths, we would have thought.

 But this week the RSPCA have taken out adverts in the media, leading Farmers Guardian to report a spluttering by Defra minister, Richard Benyon branding the charity 'a disgrace'.

They say that they would rather Vaccinate?
This, even when a previous Defra minster (Jim Paice)has called the published claims for vaccination research 'misleading and unhelpful'?
And especially when Defra has instructed its henchmen not to support claims of efficacy for the data at all?
And even when no efficacy data was submitted to the Veterinary Medicines Directorate, and thus the vaccination product only holds a Limited Marketing Authority license, meaning that in badgers pre screened for disease, 'it does no harm'?

 Neither would bottled water.

But it is the use of the 'E' word that is so misleading and emotive. When 110 such areas as the proposed pilot culls could be fitted into Wales and counties of the far South West, still leaving 25 percent of the land for towns, villages, roads and railways, can badgers be 'exterminated' from 70 percent of just two tiny patches?

And why have these two small pilot culls been approved by the Bern Convention, the very body which oversees the protection of badgers, if 'extermination' was going to be the result?

 The most obvious choice of redress is the Advertising Standards Authority where complaints can be made on line.

But the basis of this outrageous claim, which has a current Defra minister sooooo outraged, may also be of interest to another arm of government, the Charities Commission, who have a final say on membership of such a highly valued tax haven.

 Remember the word which the RSPCA used in their advertisements - 'Exterminate'. That is far beyond a 'disgrace'. It is a lie.

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