Monday, June 03, 2013

Vive la France!

We mentioned in this posting the emergence of bovine zoonotic tuberculosis in the Ardennes region of France. More is emerging on the response of the French authorities to this threat. If you remember, they had already confirmed disease in two badgers, and were about to trap and examine a further 80. They don't hang about in France.

The deed is done, with more infected badgers found. Here is a quick auto-translation from the first link:
Attention only animals collected on risk areas and therefore the corresponding analyzes are supported financially by the state, through this monitoring on national wildlife called 'SYYLVATUB.'
To date, 24 badgers have already been taken, mainly in the sector and Semide Contreuve. Early results showed five negative cases, but a badger gave a positive result (the latter was trapped in the town of Mont-Saint Martin - our edition of May 18)
The discovery of this infected with bovine TB badger, has the effect of changing the main device, which now calls for:
• the continued trapping and systematic analysis of a sample of 60 Badgers (4 x 15 badgers) around four homes cattle in 2012 and 2013;
• trapping intensified and systematic analysis of badgers captured in a one-kilometer radius around the infected badger burrow;
• trapping and systematic analysis of a sample of 15-20 badgers in the periphery (one to two kilometers) of the aforementioned area.
A hunter is concerned at the large number of badgers to take, but do not balk at the task.
And another auto-translate from the second link:
"We conducted analyzes of sixty badgers trapped around the four foci of tuberculosis identified. We have twenty returns including analysis was positive. "The regulatory framework indicates that at least one infected for the department going in the red zone animal," says Pierre N'Gahane, the prefect of the Ardennes.
Evaluation of the rate of infection:
* As a precautionary measure to monitor more regularly wildlife, the representative of the State has already asked the Directorate General of Food Ministry in charge of Agriculture (EB) transition in level 3 Sylvatub the plane.
* A meeting of the monitoring unit will be held Tuesday, June 4 to discuss the evolution of the health situation in the department and the implementation of measures already experienced in the Marne and the two French departments most affected by this disease, Côte-d'Or and the Dordogne

 In France, la chasse (the hunt) are seconded to collect suspect blaireaux (badgers) and deliver to the appropriate authorities for sampling.

This article explains and they kindly send us pics as well. They don't hang about in France, do they?

 It's good to see that at least someone takes zoonotic tuberculosis seriously.

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