Thursday, July 01, 2004

Badger proof field costs taxpayers £35K

The taxpayers of Leek recently forked out £35,000 to enable a local school playing field to be 'badger proofed'.

Leek reporter Diane Sellers, described how Westwood High School had for 3 years explored other solutions, including electric fencing, disinfectants and rodent repellants. Headmaster George Wiskin said he was "Delighted to have found a solution to the problem of badgers fouling the school football, rugby and hockey pitches"

Mr. Wiskin described the fencing as being "Sunk 5 feet underground" and accepted that this was a costly solution. "I believe it is not the end of the badger problems for the Westwood community, but at least our school can use the playing fields again" he said.

Can every cattle farmer apply for a badger fencing grant?
Would they want to?

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exoSETT said...

The town of Leek is in the Staffordshire Moorlands where I live and is interesting for a number of points -
1. the local New Labour Blair Babe - Ms Charlotte Atkins - is a govt whip.
2. this is the constituency in which a beef farmer with 900 acres, 900 cattle and 900 badgers (and severe bTB) had his badger cull cancelled the day after the 1997 general election - the operatives were going to cull 30 per day for 30 days - hotel booked, on their way but received a mobile 'phone call cancelling operation - Elliott Morley pays back his £1m to IFAW / PAL !!
3. this is the constituency in which a young child was very sick indeed - GP and hospitals couldn't figure it out - and feared for the girl's life. Thankfully she visited Macclesfield Hospital and an Asian doctor dianosed TB. They operated - and all was well. They tried to culture tissue etc with no result (!). Coincidentally - badgers visited their farm (no cattle) and were fed on their lawn where the young child played.
4. Immediately after Bradshaw ceased the reactive element of the Trials I met with the above beef farmer - his herd had gone clean - after much hard work - with DEFRA vets etc. He said that - if the badger culling was done properly with DEFRA responsive etc reactive culling will work.