Friday, July 02, 2004

You Cannot be Serious - 3 Sticks?

From Owen Paterson's Parliamentary questions (below and archived on this site) the following information has been teased out:

That concentrations of up to 300,000 units of tubercular bacilli per 1ml of badger urine have been found.

That less than 0.03ml is needed to infect a cow.

That this material will survive in the "relatively constant temperature and humidity of a badger sett" and could reinfect 'clean' badgers coming in.

That if a cattle herd is found to have a Reactor cow, movement restrictions are immediately imposed.
No cattle can leave the holding except for direct slaughter. Notification is sent to the Environmental Health Office, and a consultant in Communicable Diseases.
The animal, or animals are served an isolation notice pending slaughter, and after removal, "All premises occupied by the Reactor animal(s) must be cleansed and disinfected with an approved product"

That no action whatsoever is taken on disinfecting or isolating an infected sett, but "3 sticks may be placed across the entrance".

They cannot be serious - but Defra are.

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