Saturday, July 03, 2004

You cannot be serious - Read your Answers.

Animal Health Minister, Ben Bradshaw said that he was "still open to wildlife management policies, but not in the absence of scientific evidence to show that they work"........!

All Parliamentary Questions asked by Shadow minister Owen Paterson, and answered by - Mr. Bradshaw - will appear on this site.

See PQ 24 March Col 824W.
Thornbury clearance of badgers over a period of 8 months, led to a total absence of cattle Tb for at least 10 years, after such time badger numbers recovered to their previous levels, but were clean.

The question asked "What were any other possible causes to which that reduction could have been attributed, other than a thorough clearance of infected badgers?".

Mr. Bradshaw answered, or at least SOMEBODY answered for him.

Nothing, Not a sausage. Just clear the infection in the wildlife.
Perhaps the 'Somebody' who answered Mr. Paterson's question should have given Mr. Bradshaw a copy.

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