Saturday, July 17, 2004

Consistant in their Inconsistancies.

2004.  Dr. Chris Cheeseman,  to the EFRA Committee " farmers could do more for bio security...". 
Dr. Cheeseman talking to Cheshire farmers at the start of Krebs trials.
Question from Farmer in the audience:  "What can I do to keep badgers away from my cows?"
Dr. C (to gasps from horrified assembly) :  "You can't. You get rid of your cows".
Professor Bourne to farmers at start of Krebs trial.  " We'll catch all the badgers in the zone"
Peasant :   "How, with cage traps that only account for 50 - 80 per cent of target?"
Bourne :    "Well of course we aren't going to catch ALL the badgers . There is no intention of catching ALL the badgers. "      (Bet the farmers didn't expect as little as 30% though  - from PQ's archived on this site - Ed)
Elaine King, NFBG  to EFRA committee . "There are 300,000 badgers in the UK"
Answer to PQ 30 Jan 2004.   No recent surveys.  But from survey published 1997, (data earlier)  - 250,000.   
Dr.s  King and Woodruffe to meetings re  the 'success' of the 1998 / 99/ 00 breeding seasons.
"There have been record numbers of badger cubs born this spring" .
On private farm visit, Bourne  :  "I think there could be over 1,000,000 now".
Professor. Bourne to all EFRA committees.  "We must act on the science to prove the link " - (meanwhile assume it's cattle to cattle, and blame the farmers.?)
Professor Bourne to EFRA Committee Feb 2003 ,
Questioned on a comment by HRH the Princess Royal, who said   "Anyone who thinks badgers are not involved  (in her royal TB breakdown in Glos.) - see me outside".  
Committee:  "What happens if HRH is right??" 
Prof. Bourne:  "Well of course she's right..........but what the hell do you do about it?"

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