Saturday, July 03, 2004

The man - he say NO.

Alistair Driver reported in Farmers Guardian July 2nd, that NFU Livestock committee members, led by chairman Richard Haddock had asked the NFU Council to say 'No' to any co operation with Defra on the proposed new Animal Health and Welfare Strategy.

The refusal to support the new bill, was supported by council members from many areas of the country, whose members' businesses were being crippled with the restrictions imposed by a Tb breakdown.

The AHW stratetgy underlines 'partnership' (which usually means money) and as Tb is practically uninsurable now, a levy has been proposed on both beef and milk to underwrite the costs of disease breakdowns. But the council chairman, Mr. Haddock quoting Defra's figures (which also appear on this site), and pointed out that Tb, far from going down was increasing misery for farmers by 25 per cent annually. Enough was enough.

Council members refused to support the 'partnership' required by the AHW bill, unless Defra took firm action on the maintenance reservoir of Tb in the the badgers. The man said No.

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